Nyanko offers both software and web development services. Please look through the below descriptions and contact us for any additional information and quotes.

Software development

Nyanko is able to offer a wide variety of custom software services due to our staff's years of programming experience in various languages, environments, and frameworks, in addition to their backgrounds in mathematics and performance computing. Below are lists of the programming languages, environments and frameworks we are most familiar with.


Frameworks / Environments

In addition to this, we have developed our own internal real-time 3D engine that implements numerous modern rendering and real physics techniques to accurately create virtual environments, interactive 3D applications / games, or physics simulations. This engine is highly modular and is being used exclusively for all our internal game development projects (with different modules depending on the target's feature requirements). This engine is available for client work under certain conditions. If this is of interest to you, please contact us directly.

It is difficult to succinctly list the types of projects we can tackle. Therefore, if you would like to discuss a project with us or get a price quote, send us an overview of the project and we'll get back to you.


You can take a look at our portfolio here.

Web development

We offer various services in web development, from Intranet applications to complete websites. Our experience is primarily with PHP, ASP.NET, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Apache and IIS, but we can easily extend our skills to other languages and applications.


You can see some of the projects Nyanko has been involved in here.