Software Portfolio

The following are examples of both large and small custom software development projects Nyanko has developed:

PDF Signature Tool

A tool designed to parse and modify Adobe PDF files to create new signature fields automatically to save manual processing of thousands of such files being converted by the client.

Voice Based Biometric Identification Software

A custom algorithm was designed to determine the identity of a speaker based on their voice. In particular, the algorithm recorded isolated speech in a semi-noisy environment, processed it using modified mel-cepstrum coefficients to extract biometric markers unique to the speaker, and used a time warping process to compare those coefficients to stored values in a database to identify the speaker.

Machine Floor Touch Screen Device Interface

An interface was designed to allow workers to interact with computer applications on a machine floor where traditional interface methods (i.e., mouse / keyboard) were infeasible due to both lack of space and dirty working conditions. Specifically, a device driver was written to map the touch screen to a simulated mouse to work with a custom application the client had that knew nothing of touch screens.

Embedded Operating System for a Motorola HC11 Coldfire Integrated System

A place of business had several units of a device, centered around a coldfire chip, that were no longer of use to them. However they had a desire to provide a simple interface at various exits as a form of inventory check-in / check-out for their employees to use. To facilitate this, those devices, which had the required input / output capabilities, were retrofit with new embedded software to allow them to process a new form of input, barcodes, and link up to a central database to provide the desired inventory control.