About Nyanko

More than just a company, Nyanko represents the desire to unify the positive elements in society. By combining the most gifted and skilled individuals in society with a work culture which maximizes their performance while maintaining an unprecedented level of freedom, an environment is created in which individuals can keep their personal responsibility while being free to pursue their own interests.

Values like equality, transparency, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge form the main pillars of Nyanko's foundation. This also reflects in the products it develops, even its games. While the company is still in its early stages, those inside and many around it firmly believe in its bright future and the promise it holds.


Nyanko was co-founded by Maya Posch and Trevor Purdy.

Trevor Purdy (ArcaneSeraph on the forums and IRC) is a computer engineer from Ontario, Canada. He holds both a BaSc and MaSc from the University of Waterloo and is presently a PhD candidate there. He specializes in artificial intelligence and high performance software design. Having a background in mathematics and physics as well, he sees game development as a way to combine those myriad interests and thus is passionate about creating and growing Nyanko into a unique and prosperous company.

Maya Posch (nickname on forum Elledan, on IRC Elledan, Maya-sama, Yuzuyu, Miyu, Suzu-chan and hackkitten) is a full-time member of Nyanko. She has always expressed a profound interest in anything related to science and technology and went on to found Nyanko as a way to express her dreams. Her interests are very broad, from the creative side of game development and story writing to artificial intelligence and robotics to astronomy, biology and other explorative sciences. She is writing a few novels which are being published on her personal website (MayaPosch.com), has done translation work (Japanese-English) and is currently learning Korean and Mandarin in addition to her native Dutch, English and Japanese.