NymphCast is an open source software solution which turns your choice of Linux-capable hardware into an audio and video source for a television or (powered speakers). It enables the streaming of audio and video over the network from a wide range of client devices, as well as the streaming of internet media to a NymphCast server, all controlled by a client device or using an on-screen GUI.

Setting up NymphCast Install on your own hardware, connect it to a TV, powered speakers or Hi-Fi system. You're now ready to experience NymphCast.

Use your own hardware: NymphCast can be installed on a wide range of hardware, including Raspberry Pis and similar. Currently supported platforms are the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi Zero (W), with an installer package available for Raspberry Pi 1/Zero, 2, 3(+) and 4. See the downloads page over at Github.

Note: NymphCast is still in development. Some features are still experimental, with issues and bugs to be expected. Tickets for issues are most welcome.


Easy control

With the NymphCast Player application for desktop systems and Android devices, it is easy find and control NymphCast devices on the local network. Play back music and video, start and control NymphCast apps, all from NymphCast Player.

You can download binary builds of the NymphCast Player for Windows & Android on the downloads page over at Github.

Individual applications can also integrate NymphCast support directly using the provided client SDK, allowing them to transfer local playback to a remote NymphCast device.


Extend functionality

AngelScript logo

In addition, NymphCast supports powerful apps written in AngelScript to extend the functionality of NymphCast with a variety of online services.

See here to how to develop your own NymphCast app.


NymphCast diagram


Open Source

NymphCast is a fully open source project. The BSD-licensed source code can be found at its project page on Github, along with binary releases.

Although NymphCast is free, its development relies on your support. If you appreciate the project, feel free to donate to the project's development, or contribute directly to its source, graphical assets and so on.

The following methods are currently available for donations, either as a one-off or as a recurring donation. Thank you very much for your support.

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