Nyanko's Sparrow is a basic but versatile product, allowing the recording, live broadcasting and other operations common to stage performances and TV/movie recordings.


Sparrow project overview

The Sparrow system consists out of a software solution which one combines with smartphones (running Android or another compatible OS) and a computer system (server), all on the same (WiFi) network. The resulting setup allows one to receive recorded audio from the smartphones on the server, essentially functioning as a wireless microphone system without requiring any proprietary hardware. Some uses for this are:

The basic requirements (at the moment) are:

Audio is recorded by the server as WAV files, with a selectable (on the phone's side) sample format (8-bit, 16-bit signed). Other properties are mono, 44,100 Hz sample-rate. The client merely requires the IP address of the server and the port it listens on. The server has a few options to configure, all of which are quite self-explanatory.

Alpha-level software

The current software on this page is provided free of charge and as-is, without any warranty or guarantee that it will serve its intended purpose or that it will be free of any defects. Nyanko can not accept any responsibility for any damage which may result from the use of this software. At this point Sparrow is an experimental project which will need more work to fully prepare it for commercial use.


Downloads are provided as compressed archives. Right now the Android client and Windows server packages are available. The Linux and BSD archive will be added later. Simply unzip the server software and run it in place. For the Windows version the MSVC2010 runtime is required. The Android client has to be installed manually on the phone.