Nyanko is a relatively new company, specialising in software- and game development. We provide custom software- and web application development to clients, in addition to the software products and games we will soon offer as well. Please take a look at their respective pages in the menu for more information.


2013/10/14 - New site and products

Today the new Nyanko site was launched together with the first Alpha-release of the new Sparrow project.

2012/04/12 - Release Heimen no Heiwa

For the Android platform this game was released. Heimen no Heiwa is a simple game of will and emotional stability. Check out its details at its project page

2011/05/29 - Release NyanKana: Kanji Phase 1

Today NyanKana: Kanji Phase 1 has been released for the Android platform. It's an educational, flash card-like application featuring the first 80 kanji taught to Japanese school children.

2011/04/25 - Release NyanKana: Kana Memorized

Today is the release of NyanKana: Kana Memorized educational game, for the Android platform. A Windows and other ports are under consideration at the moment.

2011/04/24 - Refresh Nyanko.ws Website

Today the refresh of this site was completed. You will find that some content has been reorganized, added or removed. Meanwhile work on current projects (games) continues. Standby for exciting updates on our first game releases during the coming weeks and months, including NyanKana: Kana Memorized and TileWars.